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We recommend you gradually acclimate to our insoles. Please wear in 2-3 hour increments and increase daily until they feel natural. TheraSoles will improve the blood circulation to your feet which may make them feel warm. This is normal and will adjust quickly. TheraSoles massaging insoles may feel "Weird" the first time you wear them. This is normal and will subside and will be replaced with comfort.



Machine or Hand wash in cold water. 



Only the toe area is to be trimmed. Please make sure to get the correct size and do not over trim. Damage to insoles from improper trimming is not warranted.


TheraSoles pumping action is medically proven to greatly increases your circulation. Especially beneficial to diabetics and also solves many other problems and discomfort.


TheraSoles dramatically reduce shock on the lower skeletal system. The food grade glycerin actually "floats the foot" The shock is absorbed by the insole instead of the ankles, knees, lower back.


People who work on hard floors can

experience enormous fatigue at the end of a long shift. The resiliency provided by the use of TheraSoles allows the wearer to end their long day at work feeling less fatigue in their lower body due to the combination of cushioning, massage and shock reduction.


It is a known fact that liquid seeks

its own level. The glycerin in TheraSoles will therefore allow even distribution of weight. TheraSoles are sets apart from foam, rubber or plastic insoles. The even distribution of weight also reduces the amount of friction on the feet, which can lead to relief from painful calluses, plantar warts and excessive perspiration.


TheraSoles provide cushioning to the entire bottoms of your feet. As we age, there is an erosion of the fat pads on the bottom of our feet. Some people begin to lose this

padding at an earlier age than others and some never lose it. When this erosion begins to occur, certain bones in the bottom of the feet become closer to the skin. TheraSoles  orthopedic insoles provide replacement padding for the eroded fat pads and relieves pressure on the bones that are affected. TheraSoles considerably reduces the pain due to heel spurs, stone bruises and sore feet and pain suffered by individuals that spend hours on hard surfaces.


TheraSoles offer a constant massage to the bottom of the feet. With each step, the glycerin gel is moved forward and as the ball of the foot descends, moves back to

the heel of the foot. By creating this action, there is a constant massage to the bottom of the feet, as long as the insoles are in place. Fourteen thousands nerve endings

located at the bottom of the feet. These nerve areas are set in small clusters and have a tendency to accumulate uric acid deposits. Uric acid deposits play a role the pain you feel. Massaging over a period of time, can actually break down the deposits of uric acid crystals that have formed on the nerve clusters. By massaging the entire bottoms of the feet, TheraSoles orthopedic insoles work constantly to dissolve these hard deposits. The glycerin is a dense consistency, which makes it slower in movement than other liquids. The slower movement creates a deeper massage action, and therefore is very therapeutic.


TheraSoles Therapeutic Massaging insoles are designed to cradle your feet in superior comfort while helping to keep your body properly aligned. Our insoles help align the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and spine. 





If there was such a thing as a six star review I would award it!!!


TheraSoles Therapeutic Massaging Insoles

come with a 1 year replacement warranty. We will replace any insole that fail from normal use. When returning the insoles include this packaging.


TheraSoles copper infused fabric eliminates orders while its anti-microbial properties releases positive ions for health and wellness.


 TheraSoles provide relief from pain associated with Plantar  Fasciitis by  stretching and releases the tension caused by improper  foot alignment.  The pumping  action stimulates increased blood  flow massaging your feet while absorbing impact and reducing  imflammation. 


 TheraSoles absorb the impact of everyday walking and standing.  Although heel spurs are often painless, they are frequently associated with fibrous band of connective tissue (plantar fascia) that runs along the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot.  


 TheraSoles are made with a food grade glycerin which allows our  product to be put in the freezer. The TheraCold process relieves  imflammation and swelling.  


 TheraSoles help with RLS Restless Leg Syndrom by massaging and  applying   pressure on certain points on the bottom of your foot. The  pressure  sends messages to your brain, which responds by telling the  muscles  affected by RLS to relax. This helps relieve your RLS   


 The Therapeutic Massaging Insoles by TheraSoles attacks and  eliminates the pain from Morton’s Neuroma by greatly increasing  circulation, eliminates the inflammation that causes the pain.   Naturally, with no outside drugs or stimulation. Secondly,  The massage  lifts and separates the Metatarsal bones keeping them from rubbing the  Plantar Nerve.  


 TheraSoles keeps your feet on top of flexible surface. This  eliminates rubbing. When there is no longer  any friction between your  foot and your shoes. No irritation; no need  for the protection of a  callus. Over time existing calluses will simply  disappear as your feet  return to their natural state.  


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